#183 - Fruit with Vase and Flowers by Sevres

This is the elegant Fruit with Vase and Flowers, an outstanding example of Sevres porcelain production during the French Restoration. Created around 1830, the original tray displays the delicately translucent colors so characteristic of Sevres workmanship that it's name became synonymous with porcelain itself.  Founded in 1738 at the Chateau du Vincennes, the Sevres factory was instantly embraced by the aristocracy. The company so enjoyed royal patronage it was eventually nationalized by Louis XV himself. The monarch so loved Sevres china that he sold it out of his private quarters to heedful courtiers. Naturally, the factory enjoyed a virtual monopoly over this highly priced decorative art during the last years of the ancien regime. 

Adapted from a porcelain tray in the Royal Collections of the Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen, the delightful Fruit with Vase and Flowers extends to the viewer  a luxurious sense of Sevres originality.

183 Fruit w/Vase & Flowers
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USD $ 8.00

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