#144 - Boston Harbor at Sunset by Fritz Hugh Lane

  • Number of Colors: 40
  • Stitch Count: 223w X 222h
  • Finished Size: 16" x 16" when stitched on 14 count white Aida cloth.

This is the exquisite Boston Harbor at Sunset by the premier New England luminist, Fitz Hugh Lane (1804-1865). A successful and beloved painter, the artist evoked the mystery and spiritual dimensions of nature in glowing landscapes and seascapes. Lane's style so emphasized diffusive atmosphere and luminous colors that it can be said to culminate the preoccupations of the celebrated American landscape movement known as The Hudson River School.

Painted in the artist's signature style, Boston Harbor at Sunset captures the poetry of nature with didacticism.  Here, Lane's conceptualization teaches us to see with lyrical clarity the relationship between sky and water, silence and spirit, man & God. This enigmatic and renown American masterpiece is now housed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, where it continues to entrance art and nature lovers alike.  Our team of European trained artists has translated the eloquent Boston Harbor at Sunset  into an oversized chart so that you, the stitching enthusiast, can recreate this masterpiece with equal poetry.

144 Boston Harbor at Sunset
Chart or Kit
USD $ 13.00

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