#181 - Vase with Flowers by Jan Brueghel, the Elder

  • Number of Colors: 40
  • Stitch Count: 154w X 196h
  • Finished Size: 11" x 14" when stitched on 14 count black Aida cloth.

This is the exquisite Vase with Flowers by Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1625). Born in Antwerp to an eminent family of painters, Jan was distinguished from his equally famous father and brother by his moniker, the "Velvet Brueghel." Best known for  meticulous still-lifes teeming with exotic flowers, full of elegant colors and rich textures, the Dutch artist reflected the Tulipomania that swept through the Netherlands during the late sixteenth century.

Vase with Flowers is a bouquet painting, replete with what became known as "Rembrandt tulips." It was likely created in 1605, just three years after the Velvet Brueghel became dean of the Antwerp painter's guild. Painted in his signature style, this extraordinary picture exhibits the clarity of color and unsurpassed illusionism that earned Jan his deserved celebrity. Here, countless different flowers provide a veritable encyclopedia of flora, which allow the viewer to enjoy the beauty of blossoms that do not usually flourish at the same time of year. An exemplar of light, color, and illusionism, this quintessential bouquet exemplifies the virtuosity of the Velvet Brueghel. Our team of European trained artists has translated this elegant and eloquent masterpiece into an oversized chart, so that you, the stitching enthusiast, can recreate this painting with equal poetry.

181 Vase with Flowers
Chart or Kit
USD $ 14.00

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