#64 - Angel (Ignudo) by Michelangelo

  • Number of Colors: 12
  • Stitch Count: 106w X 129h
  • Finished Size: 7.5" x 9.5" when stitched on 14 count

This is the divine Angel (Ignudo), from Michelangelo's acclaimed Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. Imagine the pride you will feel bringing this most famous of angels to your home! This easy to stitch adaptation is ready for you, and your satisfaction is guaranteed when recreating and displaying this priceless treasure from the Golden Age of Great Art!

The vastness and harmony of the Sistine ceiling undeniably makes it the greatest painting ever created. With over 300 monumental figures which narrate the most solemn theme of all--the creation, fall and redemption of man--Michelangelo produced this unparalleled masterpiece of some 5,800 square feet in four years! But it will take you no time at all to recreate the beautiful Angel (Ignudo) who represents the unquenchable life force that originated with God's creation of Adam.

64 Angel (Ignudo)
Chart or Kit
USD $ 9.00

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