#49 - The River by Claude Monet

  • Number of Colors: 50
  • Stitch Count: 238w x 175h
  • Aida cloth color: white
  • Finished Size when stitched on 14 count fabric: 17"w x 12 1/2"h
  • no backstitching.

               In this exquisite work, The River, the incomparable Claude
Monet (pronounced Monay), has captured the effects of the morning sun as it reflects off the water's surface and filters through the trees on shore. With wife, Camille,and son in tow, Monet settled in a small village on the Seine during the Springof 1868. It is there that he painted The River. Focusing on the effects of
light on the forms and masses in nature, the fluid and variable surface of the
river Seine mirrors houses, trees, and hills in sparkling colors.

         To thebottom left of the picture, a pensive Camille becomes one with this shimmeringenvironment. Dematerialized in a striped pattern of light and dark folds of silk, her bonnet resting on the grass, Camille sits by the boat that Monet
sometimes used when painting the Seine from a point out on the river.
This universally acclaimed picture is housed in the Art Institute of
Chicago, where The River continues to delight art lovers. Our team of artists has
translated this vivid painting into an oversized chart so that you can
recreate this priceless treasure with equal poetry.

49 The River
Chart or Kit
USD $ 16.00

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