#50 - The Japanese Footbridge (Le Pont Japonais) by Claude Monet

  • Number of Colors: 64
  • Stitch Count: 295 w x 240 h
  • Aida cloth color: white
  • Finished Size when stitched on 14 count fabric: 21"w x 17"h
  • no backstitching.

As with all his 'water lilies' paintings, The Japanese Footbridge
demonstrates the extraordinary ability of Monet to capture the exquisite color and light
found in the ponds that grace the property of his home in Giverny. As
arguably the most successful and famous of the French Impressionists, this
brilliantly talented artist was renowned not only for his paintings drenched in the
fresh and clear beauty of nature's splendor, but also for his horticultural
skills. Monet's elegant gardens in Argenteuil and Giverny have become a part of
France's cultural heritage, even as his memorable paintings have become the
hallmark of Western art.
In his signature style, the artist employed the technique of broken color
which creates a vision of trembling jewel tones and vibrating light. In one
of the most beloved of his 'water lilies' series, the Japanese Footbridge,
housed in the National Gallery of Art, painted white flowers, whose fragrance one
can almost smell, sit gently on languid lily pads of pinks and greens amongst
surrounding of saturated browns and greens upon the tranquil surface of the
lily pond. Our fine artists have translated the beauty of this scene into an
oversized chart so that you can recreate this priceless treasure with the maximum
of ease and enjoyment.


50 Japanese Footbridge
Chart or Kit
USD $ 18.00

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