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Museum and Heirloom Quality
Cross-Stitch Design Kits & Charts

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We're certain you'll love these wonderful pieces depicting Nature at her glory...

#46 - The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh
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Kit Price: $50.00

Chart Price $14.00


#46 - The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Behold The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The universally acclaimed original is now housed in the Museum of Modern Art, in New York but you can feature this inspirational masterpiece in your own home with our authentic adaptation. Stitch and frame it in gold for a dramatic centerpiece, or give the cross stitch kit as a gift of flawless taste.

Van Gogh's exceptional sensitivity and inspired artistic freedom far surpassed that of his contemporaries. In this remarkable design, the force of the artist's genius animates the commanding rhythms of the spiraling firmament. Imagine the pride you will feel recreating the pulsing rhythms and jeweled colors of this the magical landscape, The Starry Night.

Project Information:

  • Number of Colors: 20
  • Stitch Count: 168w X 134h
  • Finished Size: 12" x 9.5" when stitched on 14 count white Aida cloth.

#47 - Waterlilies (1914) by Claude Monet
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Kit Price: $65.00

Chart Price $16.00


#47 - Waterlilies (1914) by Claude Monet

This is Impressionist Claude Monetís celebrated Waterlilies (1914). The original masterpiece is housed in The Portland Art Museum, but now our adaptation will add exquisite beauty to your home. The gorgeous colors and large size of this authentic reproduction make an impressive centerpiece, where it will inspire the admiration of all who see it. The kit or chart will also be a treasured gift for your favored stitcher.

As perhaps the most beloved of his waterlilies series, this superb picture exemplifies his masterful understanding of the harmony of opposites. This hallmark of Western art captures the exquisite light and color found in the ponds near Monetís home in Giverny. Fragrant flowers and languid pads contrast with the deep, liquid blues and greens of a tranquil pond, as the fleeting poetry of clouds is alluded to by bright accents of pink and light purple.

Project Information:

  • Number of Colors: 32
  • Stitch Count: 268w X 238h
  • Finished Size: 19" x 17" when stitched on 14 count white Aida cloth.

#142 - Sunrise Landscape (Yosemite Valley)
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Kit Price: $42.00

Chart Price $12.00


#142 - Sunrise Landscape (Yosemite Valley) by Albert Bierstadt

This is the majestic Sunrise Landscape (Yosemite Valley) by renowned painter, Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902). The exquisite vision of unspoiled wilderness is housed in the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas. Our accurate adaptation captures the majesty of this dawning landscape. Bring the sensational and awe-inspiring drama of nature's glory into your home, where it will lend instant elegance to any room needing an accent of color.

Sunrise Landscape (Yosemite Valley), is painted in Bierstadt's signature style. The glowing picture captures Yosemite's soaring peaks with uncanny detail, its inspiration taken from Bierstadt's own remarkable experiences in the heart of the West. With mist laden trees dramatically silhouetted against the advancing radiance of dawn, it is easy to understand how the artist's canvases quickly became the most expensive and sought after masterpieces of his day. A vibrant addition to your own stitched treasures, this gem will become the centerpiece of your home.

Project  Information:

  • Number of Colors: 27
  • Stitch Count: 220w X 161h
  • Finished Size: 15 Ê" x 11 ‡" when stitched on 14 count yellow Aida cloth.

#161 - The Hay Wain
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Kit Price: $55.00

Chart Price $14.00


#161 - The Hay Wain by John Constable

This is the colorful and pastoral The Hay Wain, a magnificent landscape panting by Britain's renown master, John Constable (1776-1837). The original is housed in the National Gallery in London, but with our faithful and authentic reproduction, this lyrical and timeless treasure can be featured in your own home. Lend instant elegance to your livingroom or den with its dappled colors and lifelike details.

Constable's passion for painting outdoors is most evident in this, his key-note masterpiece. The glistening buildings at left depict farmer Willy Lott's cottage on the River Stour, near Flatford Mill, where Canstable's father operated an affluent mill. Poetic atmospheric effects capture the morning's freshest radiance, and the tranquility of days gone by. With every stitch, you can now recreate this glorious landscape, glowing with dew, and accent your home with a museum quality masterpiece.

Project Information:

  • Number of Colors: 37
  • Stitch Count: 253w X 184h
  • Finished Size: 18" x 13 †" when stitched on 14 count white Aida cloth.

#145 - Twilight in the Wilderness
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Kit Price: $45.00

Chart Price $13.00


#145 - Twilight in the Wilderness by Frederic Edwin Church

This is the magnificent Twilight In The Wilderness by Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900).  Born to a wealthy family, the young artist had the connections and talent to be apprenticed at eighteen to Thomas Cole, then, the premier landscape painter in America. By the time he was but twenty-two years old Church's career was well established- his canvases selling to museums and discriminating collectors with regularity. He traveled widely throughout New England and New York, hiking and sketching the unsullied landscape from spring through fall. It is this intimate knowledge of his subject which made Church one of the leading painters in the celebrated American landscape movement known as The Hudson River School.

In Twilight In The Wilderness, the artist captures the theatrical grandeur of the undefiled North American woodlands. Now housed in The Cleveland Museum of Art, this extraordinary picture continues to inspire art and nature lovers alike.  Our team of European trained artists has translated its eloquence into an oversized chart so that you, the stitching enthusiast, can recreate this priceless treasure with equal poetry.

Project Information:

  • Number of Colors: 42
  • Stitch Count: 253w X 170h
  • Finished Size: 18" x 12†" when stitched on 14 count yellow Aida cloth.


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